TRB Worship

We’ve added something new this season: TRB Worship

     We feel that we’re being called to return to the roots of our band; playing or leading contemporary worship. When we brainstormed how that might be manifested, we came up with several scenarios:

     1) Leading a Sunday service worship as an alternative to the regular Sunday worship protocol, perhaps giving a “break”, or providing a “novelty” or “taste” of another sound of worship for a congregation.

     2) Providing an evening worship experience for a congregation or youth group.

     3) Providing an evening of contemporary worship music, or an evening of selected pop music classics, as a “musical event” for an organization’s benefit or fundraisingactivity, or, perhaps, we would be the event, and proceeds from the event would benefit the organization.

     4) Creating an event that would combine #1, 2 and 3.

     5) Being open to work with an organization to tailor our abilities to the requirements or desires of the organization.

     We would love to partner with you and talk about how we might serve. Check out our Contact page to find out how to contact us!