Bill “Dr. Rhythm” McKenzie


Rhythm Guitar


Bill was raised in the Schenectady, New York area which at the time was a hotbed of AM top 40 radio.  Over the years his musical tastes evolved and today his favorite artists include Chuck Berry, the Moody Blues, the Eagles, Byrds, and Pink Floyd. 

 He dabbled with the guitar in high school and college, but soon work and family took priority, and music took a back seat. After two decades, he joined a church-related band, figuring the audience would not boo or throw things. From there, he jumped at the chance to join Tonal Recall. 
Bill is thrilled to be living out his life-long dream, playing with four great friends who share his passion for the music. He is grateful for the support of his bandmates, mentor Robert Pickert, friends Bill Ertel and Larry Mahoney, and especially his wife Denise.